HCCEC Policies

For sharing Data

We are currently discussing the following sharing policies for sharing resources

  1. Data and biological samples collected from each participating center will remain at the home institutions with the original investigator.
  2. IRB approval and material transfer agreements will be requested from each investigator in participating institutions.
  3. Participating members of the consortium may generate common scientific questions to study from all data. However, shared data will be within the scope of the proposed questions.
  4. Participation in any project is voluntary, and investigators have the right to participate or not participate in a specific project.
  5. Clinical data will be collected from each center under the guidance of oncologists or gastroenterologists.
  6. A database will be developed for all variables to be used by all centers.
  7. Various working groups could be assembled according to the questions raised by participating members of the consortium.

For authorship in joint publications

  1. Prior written approval from all centers should be obtained before analysis of any generated data from participating centers.
  2. Participating investigators from each center will be co-authors for all generated publications.
  3. The number and sequence of authorship will be negotiable between investigators.
  4. Corresponding authorship will be negotiable and can be more than one author according to the active role of participants.
  5. For each manuscript, the role of each author will be justified.

For new Proposal